Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Handmade Chiffon Kimono


So I've been a busy wee sewing bee today! With all the stresses of uni assignments due next week I needed some stress relief.  Summer's just around the corner I've been picking up bits and pieces for the sun and went fabric shopping with my sister to start some pieces for her holiday.  Obviously I couldn't go fabric shopping and not grab a few bits for myself although I did go a bit too far with pay day seeming a mile off!!  A friend had previously asked me to make her an orange kimono for the poolside and having never made one I thought I'd give it a go! I picked up some pink fabric to have a practice on first in case it didn't go to plan (which it usually doesn't!) and this was the outcome!  I was sooooo pleased with how they turned out as chiffon is extremely temperamental and can't wait to make more in different colours! I'll be wearing mines dressed up with a LBD and chunky boots on a night out or down with jeans and a statement necklace as well as EVERYWHERE on holiday! Hope you like and feel free to leave comments!

Steph x

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