Saturday, 17 May 2014

Order madness!

   So I haven't posted on the blog for weeks now due to the fact I've been overwhelmed with orders for my kimonos and tops! The response has been amazing and its been mad!  Hopefully going to start making stuff in advance and sell it on depop! Follow me for a wee look, it's- stephgillx. Been keeping a wee log of orders that I've been doing and thought id share some variations on the previous posts with you guys so here's some tops.. Let me know what you think!

I've also been developing some variations  on kimono colours too moving away from simply orange and pink. I've also been experimenting with sheer and thicker fabrics for customers.

Can't wait to see the girls in their stuff over the summer and will hopefully get a few pics of them wearing them up on a future post!




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