Sunday, 15 June 2014

Customer Snaps!

Its so exciting to finally see some of my stuff actually getting worn! Such a strange thing to get my head around but absolutely love seeing the girls look amazing in my stuff!! Can't wait for more holiday pics getting uploaded so I can see my clothes on people! Exciting times..

Blue Wave Bralet Top, £10.

Neon pink kimono, £15.
White Bralet Top, £10.
Neon Orange Kimono, £15.

Retro Inspired kimono

The latest kimono I made was this retro inspired 4 colour piece. It occurred by accident and was originally an experiment for an order I've yet to start.  It turned out well and although it didn't particularly suit my style I'm suit it would suit many! Excuse the loose threads in the photo it hadn't been finished off by this point!

Neon Fringed Kimono

My latest custom project was a kimono for a friend and although it was made in the same way as my usual kimono style she wanted something different in order to stand out.  I think we achieved it well as there's definitely no missing someone in this kimono! I absolutely love it!  

Mesh cover up/ dress

Another little custom dress I made was for my sisters holiday later in the month.  The idea for  this dress was never finalised until I had to actually get down to making it and we bought the fabric unsure of what she wanted me to make.  She wanted something simple that she could pop on over a bikini and when it was made up decided otherwise and decided to wear it as a dress with a nude under dress!  Accessorised with a TOPSHOP choker and iridescent belt it worked out well!  

Mesh dress

 As well as doing my orders I've had a few custom orders from people which I've really enjoyed doing! It gives me something new to try and work with different shapes and fabrics which is great for me.  This custom order was  for a dance show and so had to be easy to move in and show off the leotard underneath.   The fabric had a bit of stretch and so this helped when drafting the pattern as it allowed for mistakes to be rectified easier.  I was happy with the finished result and would definitely consider making it again perhaps shorter with undergarments for holidays! Apologies for the photo quality, it was the only one I took before sending it off!

Neon Lycra dress!

So this week I took ma we break from orders and work and made myself a wee dress for my holiday next week! I originally planned on doing it completely in orange however when I started i changed my mind as usual. Luckily I had this lilac fabric spare to use for the top part and I'm absolutely delighted with how it turned out! I plan on wearing it with nude or white accessories as the dress is so vibrant and basic jewellery! Please leave comments and let me know what you think!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Order madness!

   So I haven't posted on the blog for weeks now due to the fact I've been overwhelmed with orders for my kimonos and tops! The response has been amazing and its been mad!  Hopefully going to start making stuff in advance and sell it on depop! Follow me for a wee look, it's- stephgillx. Been keeping a wee log of orders that I've been doing and thought id share some variations on the previous posts with you guys so here's some tops.. Let me know what you think!

I've also been developing some variations  on kimono colours too moving away from simply orange and pink. I've also been experimenting with sheer and thicker fabrics for customers.

Can't wait to see the girls in their stuff over the summer and will hopefully get a few pics of them wearing them up on a future post!